Random Monday!


Hey everyone! I hope you are having a lovely Monday! I woke up feeling very proactive this morning and decided to get some SHIT done! After some coffee from my french press and a long hot shower, I made a to do list and then actually threw it away. Ha, this never happens!


I got on pinterest for some essential oil roller ball recipes. I recently just got in some super cute ones from amazon, they are metallic and colorful. I’ve been itching to use them. I made only three, ones I felt were needed.

  1. Sleepy Blend 15 drops of both Lavender and Frankincense and rest Coconut oil
  2. Headache Helper 10 drops Peppermint, 6 drops Lavender, 5 drops Frankincense, and rest Coconut oil
  3. Opening emotions 4 drops Lavender,3 drops Orange, 3 Frankincense, 4 Etsher Annointing Oil, and rest Coconut oil

(These blends are made with Eden Garden’s oils and put in a .5 ml bottles)

         Got any blends you enjoy? Share them!

Second thing I did…

With all my depression and anxiety, plus living with someone else, I’ve been feeling kind of blah when I am home. I decided to cleanse my home of all negative energy with some sage. I love the smell of sage. I immediately feel better when I smell that scent. I also always feel more open to positive energy after I cleanse my home, pups, and self. And as I watch the smoke glide out the window, I feel more welcoming of positive energy.

Do you Sage or cleanse? Tell me your ritual!

After cleaning up the house and doing some laundry, I am now ready to relax and read Lolita. I even got some good writing in this morning! *Kudos to me* 

I love these day where I feel total motivation and no dark raining cloud is following me around.

Have a great rest of your Monday!

Megan Riot

Updated Scary Movie List! (Seen this week)


I LOVE scary movies and even more so during October. I know I’ve already done a post about horror movies and listed a few I had seen. If you see a few repeats, my bad.

Would You Rather…. Although I enjoyed the intent of this movie, I didn’t find it that scary.

Carrie (Old and new school versions)… I have always loved the book and movie CARRIE by Stephen King. I did watch both. I watched the older version on my own and the newer version with my younger brother who has never heard of Carrie. He enjoyed the movie and we both agree, this is a great Halloween movie.

Hush… I choose this one because not only is it a horror movie, but it’s a horror movie about a writer. It was entertaining to watch because you get to see the attacker play with her once he finds out she deaf.

Have you watched any real good horror movies recently? Let me know and I’ll watch!

Megan Riot

Writing Advice!


I have been seriously slumming on my writing. I am either incredibly blocked or empty. So….


Can you give me some helpful tips, hacks, prompts, websites and anything that helps you get motivated, unblocked, or filling you with ideas.

There is never any bad advice!


Megan Riot