A Random Update


Hey everyone, although I have been getting better from being sick, I am trying to still blog. So,

  1. Is there any kind of post you would like me write about?
  2. What would you like to see more of?
  3. Got any questions? I can even do a questionnaire with my lovely answers.

Let  me know what you more you would like to see!

Megan Riot Matthews

Writing Advice!


I have been seriously slumming on my writing. I am either incredibly blocked or empty. So….


Can you give me some helpful tips, hacks, prompts, websites and anything that helps you get motivated, unblocked, or filling you with ideas.

There is never any bad advice!


Megan Riot

First Post, bare with me :)


I’ve been struggling to make and continue with a blog for about a year now. As an aspiring writer, I’ve noticed how valuable a blog can be for us writers. I don’t have a problem keeping a journal and writing until my fingertips are numb. Or even typing until my laptop overheats. But for some reason, I have to worst time with managing a blog. I promise to do better. I’m also looking for awesome bloggers to follow and share information with. You don’t have to be a writer! Any and all help would be appreciated. 

If you have tips or suggestions, I would love to hear them! I’m not against criticism at all! 


Megan Riot 🙂