A new poem


Shutter to think that one day you could end up aloneLeft with no one to hold you through you’re last moments

Shivering from the cold, you wrap yourself closer in a blanket

Death is never easy, the steps to bury you’re life

Leaving what behind and nothing at all

These moments you cling to are hard to hold on to

Distant and savage relationships

They become a redemption if you’re lucky

Collect moments, not things

When you become one with the earth

Its the memories that go with you

While your family fights for what you worked for

Those last painful breathes are turning you into a mess

And finally you descend to where you were alway meant to be

Heaven or hell

Its your choice to pick

But leave a legacy worth being proud of

And say good bye to those worth your last breath

Dont go alone, find love and peace

And fall into the ground full and complete
©Megan Riot Matthews

Society Crumbling


I know I made plans to do a different post today, but in all honestly it isn’t ready at all. So instead I am going to post a new poem I wrote this morning. Hope ya’ll don’t mind.

Society Crumbling

Written by Megan Riot Matthews (c)


This body was never meant to be held down

Or pushed down the cattle rows with prods

This mind was never created to be controlled

Or cut to pieces by those filled with jealousy

This heart was meant to be broken

But not shattered and left to cut my insides

This soul was never made to be put in a box

Or stifled and muted turning it gray

This person stands before you with a bleeding heart

It still pumps while it sits in her hands

The shards of glass are slicing pieces away

As the blood drips from her finger tips

Her feet become covered and stained

By the pack of bull shit lies this world thrives on

Tears and blood, they mix together

As society watches, they cheer for more

This body was always meant to be more

More than an actress for your pleasure from my pain

So she stands in awe of the desires around her

To wait and watch as she breaks and falls

Winter is Coming (A Poem)


The hair raised from my skin

The goose bumps began to rise

My bladder full

I began to whine

It’s too cold in this room

Too cold in this house

Feeling frozen in a no snow

Filled winter wonderland 

Burro and burro

Under the covers

I hug my sweet pit bull

I miss the warmth, the sun

Afraid this cold air

With freeze me into no one 

©Megan Riot Matthews

Meant to be?


Beginning to feel so confused

Lost in this  messy race

of to be or not to be

There are times, small moments

When I feel I’m all you need

Then there are other times

When I feel insecure and unworthy

Like this isn’t real

And there is no way that we are meant to be

But you make me smile

You make my heart beat

Is it wrong to want to hold on

To hold on to this feeling

But im still stuck in limbo

Just because I like you so

I’m stuck walking circles wondering

If we’re meant to be

© Megan Riot Matthews

Depression Cocoon 


When you dont want to budge

Moving seems impossible

The covers seem to devour me

And I give in to my new home

Let the dark sleep

Over take me and heal me

So tired of being sick

This hell, it just wont let go

Wrap me in a cocoon

Transform me into something beautiful

Like a light, bright butterfly

I sink and sink

Let the fog smother me

Good night for now

Until I find the courage to break free

© Megan Riot Matthews