So, I turned 31 last Friday…


Hey everyone! I hope you had a great New Years Eve and beginning of the year. 

Last Friday, I turned 31 and it was probably one of the best ones I’ve had in a few years. I got snow, family time, and friend time all in one day. Ever since my family moved to Texas from Virginia, I have prayed for it to snow on my birthday. When I was 16, I had still not received snow for my day. My Great Grandparents, my favorite people who are no longer with us, blessed me with a trip to New Mexico so I could finally have snow. That was a great one. 

Granted, it took a few decades (saying that makes me feel so wise and old at the same time haha) but it did finally snow! It wasn’t a real snow day but it was enough to write my name in it 😍.  (Photo credit goes to AJ) After enjoying the cold af weather, I got to spend time with my Pops and family. I am pretty simple with birthday plans. All I asked for were; homemade enchiladas, wine, and board game family time. (BTW, if you haven’t played Speak Out…you need to try it.) Afterward, I got to hang with my pretty cool friend and brother. I had a fabulous day and passed out like I was a baby.

Turning 31 wasnt too bad. I feel it is deeply important to celebrate the day you were born regardless on what age you are turning.

What did you do for your 30’s birthdays? I would love to hear about it!

Megan Riot

A Brand New Year, Coming Soon!


Today is the last day of 2016 and I couldn’t be more excited to leave this year behind and start over with a brand new blank year full of hope and new chances. 2016 has been both filled with blessings and trauma. By the end of the year, I have been so exhausted and ready to wash this year off of me. Every year on the 31st of December, I imagine all of us with an etch-a-sketch in our heads and heart; I watch as we all get shaken until we have a brand new clean slate to make new dreams and hopes on. 

I quit making resolutions quite a few years ago, I feel like they are end of the year promises that have this ability to stress me out and I get guilty for when I don’t follow through. Too much anxiety for me. Instead, I write a letter to the year I am leaving behind with all the pain, heartache, and drama that I endured for that time. I then set fire to this pretty little letter and let go of it all. I don’t want to start a new year with possible fake promises or ideas. I want a real fresh start that I can have hope in.

Do you have any different rituals for the end of the year? No resolutions, no fake promises. How do you let go of the year you’re leaving and move into the new year without any burdens?

Megan Riot

A new poem


Shutter to think that one day you could end up aloneLeft with no one to hold you through you’re last moments

Shivering from the cold, you wrap yourself closer in a blanket

Death is never easy, the steps to bury you’re life

Leaving what behind and nothing at all

These moments you cling to are hard to hold on to

Distant and savage relationships

They become a redemption if you’re lucky

Collect moments, not things

When you become one with the earth

Its the memories that go with you

While your family fights for what you worked for

Those last painful breathes are turning you into a mess

And finally you descend to where you were alway meant to be

Heaven or hell

Its your choice to pick

But leave a legacy worth being proud of

And say good bye to those worth your last breath

Dont go alone, find love and peace

And fall into the ground full and complete
©Megan Riot Matthews

Wordy Friday 


Another collection of some fun new words for my readers!

Latibule: Noun. A hiding place; a place of safety and comfort. That would be my bed. Ha

Atelophobia: The fear of imperfection, of not being good enough. Yup, I have that.

Atticism: Noun. Concise and elegant expression, diction, or the like. Pretty word.

Elysian: Adj. Beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect. I LOVE this one.

Flumadiddle: Noun. Utter nonsense. This is just fun to say.

Resfeber: Noun. The tangled feelings of fear and excitement before a journey begins. Fun to say and a good meaning.

Any one else got words they enjoy to write or say? Let me know!

Megan Riot

A Random Update


Hey everyone, although I have been getting better from being sick, I am trying to still blog. So,

  1. Is there any kind of post you would like me write about?
  2. What would you like to see more of?
  3. Got any questions? I can even do a questionnaire with my lovely answers.

Let  me know what you more you would like to see!

Megan Riot Matthews

Society Crumbling


I know I made plans to do a different post today, but in all honestly it isn’t ready at all. So instead I am going to post a new poem I wrote this morning. Hope ya’ll don’t mind.

Society Crumbling

Written by Megan Riot Matthews (c)


This body was never meant to be held down

Or pushed down the cattle rows with prods

This mind was never created to be controlled

Or cut to pieces by those filled with jealousy

This heart was meant to be broken

But not shattered and left to cut my insides

This soul was never made to be put in a box

Or stifled and muted turning it gray

This person stands before you with a bleeding heart

It still pumps while it sits in her hands

The shards of glass are slicing pieces away

As the blood drips from her finger tips

Her feet become covered and stained

By the pack of bull shit lies this world thrives on

Tears and blood, they mix together

As society watches, they cheer for more

This body was always meant to be more

More than an actress for your pleasure from my pain

So she stands in awe of the desires around her

To wait and watch as she breaks and falls

Random Monday!


Hey everyone! I hope you are having a lovely Monday! I woke up feeling very proactive this morning and decided to get some SHIT done! After some coffee from my french press and a long hot shower, I made a to do list and then actually threw it away. Ha, this never happens!


I got on pinterest for some essential oil roller ball recipes. I recently just got in some super cute ones from amazon, they are metallic and colorful. I’ve been itching to use them. I made only three, ones I felt were needed.

  1. Sleepy Blend 15 drops of both Lavender and Frankincense and rest Coconut oil
  2. Headache Helper 10 drops Peppermint, 6 drops Lavender, 5 drops Frankincense, and rest Coconut oil
  3. Opening emotions 4 drops Lavender,3 drops Orange, 3 Frankincense, 4 Etsher Annointing Oil, and rest Coconut oil

(These blends are made with Eden Garden’s oils and put in a .5 ml bottles)

         Got any blends you enjoy? Share them!

Second thing I did…

With all my depression and anxiety, plus living with someone else, I’ve been feeling kind of blah when I am home. I decided to cleanse my home of all negative energy with some sage. I love the smell of sage. I immediately feel better when I smell that scent. I also always feel more open to positive energy after I cleanse my home, pups, and self. And as I watch the smoke glide out the window, I feel more welcoming of positive energy.

Do you Sage or cleanse? Tell me your ritual!

After cleaning up the house and doing some laundry, I am now ready to relax and read Lolita. I even got some good writing in this morning! *Kudos to me* 

I love these day where I feel total motivation and no dark raining cloud is following me around.

Have a great rest of your Monday!

Megan Riot